Monday, November 07, 2005

The Knesset Law Committee (vaadat chukah) held a hearing today on two reports on violations of rights of disengagement opponents. One report was the brief brief leaked from the Public Defender's office and the other was the one put out by an organization I'm involved with (English version). Three little girls who sat in jail for extended periods came but weren't given an opportunity to speak at the hearing. They were interviewed by the press before the session. If anybody hears or sees coverage of the story in the press, please let me know.

The session was well attended as these things go; even a number of MKs who are not on the committee showed. Yuli Edelstein and Zevulun Orlev sang the praises of our report and made all the appropriate noises. Even Zahava Galon of Meretz asked the head of the Public Defender's office some hard questions about why she backed down from some charges about political bias in the courts that appeared in the brief leaked from her office. The following facts emerged from her response:
1. By law, her office has the right to issue statements independently of the Justice Ministry.
2. She was "asked" by higher-ups in the Justice Ministry to publicly retract the charge.
3. Officials in the Justice Ministry can have her fired.
You piece it together.

Shai Nitzan, the assistant DA in charge of prosecuting disengagement opponents (and a no-longer-kippa-wearing graduate of Netiv Meir) tried to downplay the charges by noting that only 5 kids were detained for the duration of proceedings against them. This was totally disingenuous since it deliberately ignores the many more kids who were held for over a month but not for the duration, as well as the many who were put under house arrest with no legal justification.


Anonymous said...

From what you write, it would seem that what was done with the Attorney General position needs to be done with the head of the Public Defender's office. I.e make the hiring and firing of this position independent of the Justice Ministry - or perhaps even independent of the government as was done with the Attorney General after the BarOn/Chevron bit.

Also, let's not have any illusions that this stuff won't go on even if a "candidate of faith" were running the show. If anything, such orders from higher up will probably become even more prevalent with MY party and MF in charge.

6:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shai Nitzan, the assistant DA in charge of prosecuting disengagement opponents (and a no-longer-kippa-wearing graduate of Netiv Meir)

It seems like they davka use these datlashim for all of these types of things (like gershon hakohen whose brother is the RY of otniel) because they'll be overly zealous to prove that they really are no longer religious and really have become part of the branja.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes - like the Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee in Stalinist Russia. Well, the end result is known - the night of the murdered poets.

Don't expect the establishment to reward the "nice" religious folks all that much.

5:04 PM  
Blogger bar_kochba132 said...

In addition to Shai Nitzan, another big celebrity from the hurban of Gush Katif is Aluf Elazar Stern. After the incident at the Kotel where people supposedly yelled things at him (and which I wouldn't be suprised
to hear was deliberately set up by him) he made the rounds of the media. Obviously, he views this as a springboard to a political career, quite possibly as the next "great white hope" of the Labor Party, sort of a new version of what Avrum Burg was supposed to be-a supposed "dati" who will attract votes to the declining Labor Party.
BTW-another reason they use datlashim and "dati-lite" types like Bassi to have prominent roles in persecuting the people of Gush Katif and their supporters is to draw fire away from Sharon and the political echelons. Sharon claims that he picked Bassi supposedly because he was "dati" and would have more empathy with his intended victims, but in reality he knew that he would become the focus of their anger, more than Sharon himself. This is an old trick Stalin (the old favorite of MAPAM) used-when he decided to liquidate a certain group, he would have the visible leaders of the persecution be from that group.
Sharon learns well!

5:34 PM  

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