Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm back at long last from my trip to the goldene medina. This trip was weird for me since I spent most of it working on a political project. OK, I was schnorring. I was working with a professional fundraiser who couldn't understand why I was cringing so much.

I learned lots of things on this trip:
1. There are many more astonishingly rich frum Jews than I realized.
2. Rabbis spend a good part of their time and energy serving as brokers between schnorrers and the aforementioned.
3. In a few short days a usually-totally-oblivious-to-wealth academic can assume the character traits of a grovelling always-on-the-make schnorrer.

I did get to spend Shabbos in the general vicinity of Rav Usher who seemed to have a grand time in Teaneck.

Details and other pearls of wisdom to follow.


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