Sunday, October 21, 2007

Don't miss Bogie Yaalon's astonishing paper at the JCPA site. The most damning charge is this:

It is possible that the prospect of a major natural gas transaction with the Palestinians has been a factor in the Israeli cabinet's refusal to launch a Defensive Shield II operation in Gaza. This concern is a result of the high price Israel has already paid for its relatively muted responses to Palestinian rocket attacks from Gaza. The September 11, 2007, rocket attack by the Iranian-commanded and financed Palestinian Islamic Jihad, that wounded 61 IDF soldiers asleep in their Negev base, is a recent example. Despite hundreds of rockets and mortars, and various terrorist infiltration attempts against Israel from Gaza, there still has been no comprehensive military response by Israel.


Anonymous zalman said...

Nu, a conspiracy theory on top of a shanda/fiasco. A solution would require a change in the status quo. That ain't gonna happen.

12:11 PM  

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