Friday, June 25, 2004

The semester is over and I've gotten a bit slovenly. Just a few brief notes:
The Shaigetz's comment area has become a forum for some painful material about child molesting in the frum world. Amongst the nonsense is some serious stuff that deserves an airing.

Although I've given shiur on pereq zeh borer, I never really appreciated how it all plays out until I got embroiled in a din torah, or more precisely, in an attempt to have a din torah. I hope to spill my guts on this topic next week. If you are frum and want to stay that way, consider skipping that post.

I also hope to get to Rav Yakov Emden's teshuvah on pilagshim. (This is not connected to the above topic but I'm beginning to remind myself of an old Buck Henry routine in which he's a radio talk show host who keeps getting more outrageous to try to generate listener calls. By the time he's done he's advocating busing communists into your neighborhood to eat your puppies. I think you had to be there.)


Anonymous yoeli from kj said...

you give shiur the gender genie says your female your not supposed to learn gemara

5:14 PM  

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