Wednesday, May 26, 2004

It's great to see fathers and sons -- and a few mothers and daughters (but this is a whole other topic) -- learning into the night on Shavuos. After 3:00 AM, the returns diminish and it's probably a better idea to get some sleep and salvage the next day (despite the Zohar). After giving three shiurim last night, I finally had time to be oisek in bitul toirah, a rare opportunity since I so seldom am able to learn in a beis midrash these days. Somehow we meandered our way from sheitlach to Indian religions. My buddy HH is convinced that the Izhbitzer's distinction between "static-style" pesalim, which are avodah zarah, and "flux-style" pesalim, which are not, is an anticipation of Zimmer's distinction between varieties of Buddhist statues. As they say in Rishikesh: oder ya, oder nisht.


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