Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It has been a busy time. From what little I remember the Purim tish was fun. I recall dramatic readings from the Satmarer Rov's Al HaGeulah ve-al HaTemurah to Stairway to Heaven. I guess you had to be there.

All that is way in the past, though, because since then I sent off my second son to the army. Yes, him. Not easy. (For me, that is; he seems fine with it.) Hashem yishmor tzeito u-vo'o.

It seems sacrilegious to discuss mundane matters when my head is elsewhere, but it's all connected. I mean, of course, this spat we're having with Obama. A few thoughts about that. First, it is becoming more and more clear that Obama is a genuine third-worlder. He has abandoned Honduras, Iranian dissidents, Poland and the Czech Republic and Israel. He has appointed (or attempted to appoint) genuine U.S.-hating wingnuts like Van Jones and Jennifer Daskal to sensitive positions. This is not Carter-style weakness. This is an administration that has embraced the vision of the anointed big-time and seeks to create a new world order in which the West is significantly weakened.

The current kerfuffle is not peevishness. It is carefully orchestrated. Mitchell has promised the Palestinians that the outcome of the proximity talks will be an imposed solution that, inter alia, divides Jerusalem. The silly spectacle we have witnessed for the past week is designed to cow Israel and to signal the Arabs that the U.S. will deliver on its promise.

In the days ahead, we will find out if Democrats are prepared to defy Obama on this issue or not. If not, and support for Israel officially becomes a partisan Republican issue, we are screwed.

As for Israel's response to all this, we are much better off avoiding proximity talks now than having to defy an American diktat a year from now.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that your second to last paragraph really depends on what happens in the mid-term elections. If many other seats go the way of Ted Kennedy's Mass. Senate seat I would think that there is less of a concern on this matter.

Regarding your last paragraph, we may be nearing the time where all will be revealed - were those who said support the Likud because Bibi has changed and/or because even if he hasn't a "right-wing" Likud can control him, correct in their assessment; or were those who said "once bitten, twice shy" and "leopard never changes its spots" correct and that Hagai Segal's blessing to Prof. B. Netanyahu that he should live another 20 years b/c he is all that separates Bibi from Peres (who has already once again tried to round up the leftist litvaks and its only a matter of time before he tries to get his buddy Deri back into Shas)? we will all know very soon.

1:49 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

There is a deep point to be made about leftist litvaks. Yeshiva velters and academics have been trained to believe that they are some kind of elite and hence are, unsurprisingly, elitists. The core of leftist ideology is indeed the elitist vision of the anointed to which I made passing reference.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous harrykann said...


We pray for your son's safety, as he enters Tzahal. May Hashem protect him and his IDF colleagues, and return them home safely.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous YOELI said...

I wish your son hatzlacha.HOEVER dont make fun of the Satmar Rav

5:24 AM  
Anonymous yoeli said...


(I hope your son will always be safe and sound)

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

May hakadosh baruch hu guard and protect your son, together with all the chayalim, who are all guarding and protecting us...may he and all your children return and be home safely...chazak v'ematz.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you read Eli Sadan's new Hagada you will see that the Rav Kook worldview also has elements of elitism and supports an "ubermesch" perspective to such a fundamental element of Jewish folklore and tradition as the Seder Layl Pesach. Sadan would clearly rather have Seder with leftist, elitist secular Ashkenazi generals than with plain old amcha or G-d forbid (as he nearly puts it) people who wil put 10 plagues puppets on the table so their kids can get into the Seder. The fact these the Sedarim he led that served as the basis for this Hagada were in his Yeshiva (i.e. the students voluntarily preferred his Seder over their parents') gives one great pause for thought if the settlement enterprise, nay even the State, can be saved at all.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous yoeli said...

דו דערמאנסט מיר פון דוד הארטמאן. האסטו ביי איהם געלערענט?

8:56 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

איך האב מיט עהם גארנישט צו טאן אונד עס פארדריסט מיך אז איר מיינט אנדיש

9:24 PM  
Anonymous יואלי said...

מאכט איר ווייניגער חוזק פון "די פאנאטישע" ארטידאקסישע יידען

2:33 AM  

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