Friday, May 02, 2008

Connect the dots...

Sept 2006: Olmert sold that home in 2004 for $2.7 million to an offshore company controlled by U.S. tycoon S. Daniel Abraham, the billionaire founder of the Slim-Fast diet products, who contributed to an earlier Olmert election campaign. State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss investigated the sale amid suspicions Olmert sold the house at a price higher than market value and then rented it from the new owners at an unrealistically low rate.

Apr 2007: The investigation concerns Olmert's role as finance minister in the government's 2005 sale of a controlling interest in Bank Leumi, one of the country's largest financial institutions. Police are investigating whether Olmert intervened — unsuccessfully — in the sale to help two wealthy associates, Lowy and American billionaire S. Daniel Abraham.

May 2008: Prime minister questioned by police after AG issues special order to begin urgent probe regarding alleged bribery by American businessman prior to his induction in office


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bribe the PM to do what? What does Olmert have that Abraham wants?

11:05 PM  
Blogger Ben Bayit said...

Will Yeshiva University have to re-name the Israel studies program?

11:18 PM  
Anonymous bar_kochba132 said...

To be honest, I despise Olmert. To me, he is the children's head breaker of Amona. However, don't ALL politicians do "favors" for their friends, and isn't influence peddling a universal practice of politicians. I am not saying he didn't do anything is corrupt, just like the rest of him. But it seems to be he is simply being harrassed by the State Prosecutors Office-Police-Media Leftist Mafia. Why are they doing this to him? Why did they do it to Yitzhak Mordechai who did the Left a big favor by playing a major role in bringing down Netanyahu in 1999? I don't know why, but these endless prosecutions of politicians (WHO ALL EITHER COME FROM THE RIGHT OR ANTAGONIZED THE ABOVE-MENTIONED MAFIA (i.e. Ramon) are simply a modern form of political terror. One possible explanation...a couple of weeks ago Aharon Barak declared war on Justice Minister Daniel Friedman, so maybe this is a way of striking at the one who appointed him.

In spite of the hysterical headlines, I believe Olmert will survive this like he survived all the previous crises. I think he is one of the worst Prime Ministers in history, but I think those who agree with me on this should look at the facts objectively.

10:33 PM  
Anonymous bar_kochba132 said...

My fingers were very careless in my previous comment: I meant to say that "he is corrupt just like the rest of the THEM (the politicians)"

10:35 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

I agree with you that the prosecution/persecution of politicians for political reasons is a greater threat than corruption itself. I honestly don't know if the substance and timing of this one is politically motivated or not. If I had any doubts about Olmert's guilt or if there were some easily predictable political outcome here that worked in the oligarchy's favor, I'd readily agree. But neither of those is the case here.

10:50 PM  
Blogger Ben said...

That may be the least of it. According to rumors, a trustee of YU, who sponsored publication of a book by the Rav on prayer, is mentioned by name in Shula Zaken's black book.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Ben Bayit said...

When certain roshei yeshiva (who are relatives of a previous rosh yeshiva z"l at YU) tell us that we have to trust the government who is the only one capable of making unbiased decisions, are we supposed to take these things seriously, when the names of crooked persons who have corrupt dealings with the self-same government are found inside the books and on the plaques in their yeshivot?

At least in the recently published book put out by his yeshiva on the disengagement, one of these roshei yeshiva all but admitted that even if the government is corrupt we still have to evaluate the plans of the government on their own merits. A certain well-known Rabbi Dr. ethicist who travels in these circles made public comments that governments are expected to be corrupt, so we can ignore corruption.

IMHO, all of this is well beyond anything RYBS would have held to be true.

1:01 PM  
Blogger ADDeRabbi said...

Sharon NEVER had anything to do with Mr. Abraham - he even boycotted his products.

5:11 PM  

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