Thursday, October 19, 2006

The constitution I co-wrote is written up today in Haaretz. (I can link this one because my name doesn't appear in the article.) I'm relieved to see that we're too right-wing for their taste.

Apropos that, here's a snippet from vaadat chukah today:
RG: Some groups (meaning Haredim and Arabs) are acting like trempistim (hitch-hikers) with regard to the process of drafting a constitution.
(Balad MK) Bishara: It looks like me and (Yahadut Hatorah MK) Gafni are stuck in the same car. I wonder where it's headed.
RG: I'm glad you two didn't attack me for the metaphor.
Gafni (jokingly): Don't worry. When we (Haredim and Arabs) become the majority, we'll remember what you said.


Blogger Ben Bayit said...

I still believe that the oligarchs that run the State of Israel have no real interest in having a "constitution", the Arab and Charedi positions play right into their hands and become a convenient cop-out for avoiding it, and it's all smoke and mirrors for continuing to chug along as they have done for 60 odd years.

What do you think of Yaakov Chisdai's proposal for a "federal system" based on "communities" as opposed to geographic regions?

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