Thursday, July 21, 2005

Yesterday the Jerusalem Post carried an op-ed by a conservative rabbi who troubled himself all the way from Massachusetts to bring us natives the message of inclusiveness and tolerance.

He is troubled by the fact that the slogan "A Jew does not expel a Jew" suggest that "only one opinion ... is really legitimate" and does not take into account how "Israeli Arabs feel about this slogan". He is, of course, absolutely right. We really need to clean that nasty slogan up a bit. How about something like this:

"It is our opinion -- but we respect your right to disagree -- that no person of any race, creed or sexual orientation shall evict from their homes any person (or other species), especially women and persons of color, and hand these homes to militants and/or freedom fighters who have exercised their natural right to murder and mayhem."

I'd like to point out that "Make love, not war" is offensive to asexuals and does seem to deligitimize the views of war-mongers. Copywriters take note!

P.S. An unrelated note: There's a fascinating dialogue almost, but not quite, taking place between the troubled Eliyahu Zecharia Rabinovich and R' M. Eisemann (and some of his fans) in the comments section of EZR's blog.


Blogger Doctor Bean said...

Free Tibet with the purchase of another Tibet of equal or greater value

1:55 AM  
Anonymous daat y said...

It is interesting that dov bear took your comment as is and didn't realize that it was tongue in cheek.You described beautifully the kiddush hashem of our achim at kfar maimon.

12:27 AM  
Anonymous NCO Chassid said...

Are you EZR?

Do you have any connection to "Ben" who posts for EZR?

1:03 AM  

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